Prime Business Group is devoted to helping small business owners by providing effective business solutions to meet all of their small business needs. With a compliment of printing, shipping, marketing, accounting, aviation and entertainment operations, Prime Business Group has owned and operated a very diversified business portfolio.

At Prime Business Group, we understand the many challenges facing businesses in today’s fast-paced and competitive climate. We understand this because all of our associates currently own successful businesses and are leaders of other successful organizations.

Many small business owners find that their operations require more and more time to maintain, much less to grow. The business becomes their life, rather than their livelihood and declining profits have made any and all improvement initiatives disappointing in spite of all of their efforts. This often results in a loss business focus which can lead to business owners falling uncomfortably deep into debt or situations which are much more serious.

We have helped many under-performing business organizations achieve improved profitability, operational and organizational efficiencies. We specialize in helping businesses in all areas including: sales, marketing, operations, financial management, human resources, and business leadership.  We also can recommend business legal professionals who are experienced in business formation and litigation, corporate transactions, and succession planning.

For our clients that are new to business ownership, we provide the basic training, skills and resources that are needed to create growing and profitable businesses.  We are also able to assist our clients with obtaining additional funding or operating lines of credit so that they may expand the operation of their business.

For our clients who are wishing to buy or sell a business, we utilize a process which involves thoroughly understanding a business, its owners, its employees, what it does, and the environment in which it operates. We bring together proven business transaction systems, experience, expertise and enthusiasm, and combine it with creativity, hard work and determination to ensure we deliver the results our clients demand.  We also help those clients wishing to purchase a business obtain the funding they need to facilitate the purchase.

Businesses who work with Prime Business Group have a partner that can provide all of the tools, training, expertise, and motivation that you need to see your enterprise grow and expand and help you achieve the vision you have for your business.

Prime Business Group
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