Weekend Comedy opens to sold out crowd at Paradise

Paradise Playhouse introduced their latest production, “Weekend Comedy” on Friday night to the delight of a sold out crowd.

WeekendComedy (1009 of 95)“Weekend Comedy” is about two New York City couples who rent the same cabin in the Catskills for the same weekend by mistake. One couple has been married 33 years, is sedate and middle aged; the other couple has been living together for 3 years, and are free-wheeling and young.  They decide to share the cabin and a comedic clash between generations begins!

Unmarried Tony and Jill get the bedroom. Older Frank and Peggy bunk on the living-room couch. Before the weekend is over the younger couple learns how to add stability into their relationship and the middle-aged couple learns to loosen up.

One Paradise guest commented, “It was a terrifically funny show that everyone relates to and as you laugh at the characters in the show, you suddenly realize you are really laughing at yourself!”

“Weekend Comedy” runs weekends through August 9th.  Tickets are on available online at www.paradiseplayhouse.org or by calling the box office at 816-630-3333.

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