PBG Selects Park University For New Entrepreneurship Program


There are over 10,000 entrepreneurship classrooms in the US, reaching over half a million students, but did you know that the vast majority of educators are teaching entrepreneurship from a textbook, rather than letting students experience it for themselves?  Prime Business Group is joining the effort to change the way aspiring entrepreneurs learn.

Author Diana Kander, an entrepre.nerd and a Senior Fellow at the Kauffman Foundation, has written a novel about the trials and tribulations of starting a business and created an accompanying curriculum to get students out of the classroom to experience launching a new venture for themselves.    

KanderbookcoverThe book, All In Startup, and curriculum are headed into the hands of more than 10,000 professors in the hopes that they will use it to introduce experiential education – getting customers, finding problems worth solving, testing assumptions, etc – into their classroom.

All In Startup is more than just a novel about eschewing temptation and saving a company. It wraps innovative business principles in a thrilling story about high-stakes poker and reveals the emotional reality of entrepreneurship that goes tragically unmentioned during business school.

All In Startup will introduce students to the latest advances in entrepreneurship, including a new understanding of how to launch a company in a way that dramatically improves its chances of success. The “business plan” curriculum taught in most M.B.A. programs is on the verge of extinction. A new “scientific method” of entrepreneurship built around forming and testing basic assumptions will soon become the standard.

Prime Business Group has chosen to sponsor Park University, located in Parkville, Missouri, to help get the curriculum and materials for this program into the University.  As graduates of Park University, PBG President Jim Dickerson and Vice President Maurice Oelklaus said the choice of which University to sponsor for the program was simple.    “It is a great program” said Dickerson. “When we were asked which school we would like to help put the program into, Park University was the obvious choice for us.”

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