PBG Announces Expansion Heading Into 2015

PBGcoverOn Friday, October 24, Prime Business Group announced plans to expand their operations and add new services heading into 2015.

First on the table are plans to expand the Prime Business Group restaurant operations into the northland area. “For some time now, we have been looking at ways to allow our food service operations to better support each other”, said PBG CEO Jim Dickerson. He went on to say that PBG is currently considering options in Excelsior Springs, Gladstone, Liberty and Smithville.

Dickerson further explained the desire for all of the PBG food service operations to more closely mirror each other so as to allow for more efficient utilization of staff, supplies and equipment.   “We are actually trying to follow a business model used by Southwest Airlines,” Dickerson said. Southwest Airlines utilizes a concept which entails flying only Boeing 737 aircraft which increases efficiency and decreases costs by having to train personnel and utilize supplies and equipment for only one type of aircraft. This is unlike many other airlines who operate several different types of aircraft which necessitates more personnel to be trained as well as increasing the need for more equipment and supplies used to service and maintain the different types of aircraft.

PBG also announced plans to offer accounting services to small businesses beginning in 2015. PBG Vice President of Accounting and Finance William Teel will develop and lead this part of the operation.   “There are so many small businesses out there that have a great business operation, but they really don’t know what their true financial situation is and how they may be able to become more efficient and profitable,” said Teel. “Sometimes the accounting can be put on the back burner but it is really such a crucial element to the success of any business operation.”

More information about Prime Business Group go to www.primebusinesskc.com.

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