Paradise Playhouse Announces Krazy Kats Farewell Tour

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After over 4,000 performances, the Krazy Kats have decided it is time to bring down the curtain. The Krazy Kats 2014 Farewell Tour will be their last. On Saturday, April 26th, that tour will roll through the Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre and Events Center.

Krazy KatsThree young boys in the middle of Missouri barely in their teens and always in a hurry livin’ in the fifties without any goals. Then along came a thing called rock ‘n’ roll so they took the situation right in hand and got up a rockin’ little three-piece band. Time went by, but they’re still here, STILL ROCKIN’ AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!”

Is it the fifties and sixties all over again? It sure seems that way when the Krazy Kats are around! Their song “Still Rockin’ After All These Years” says it all! The Kats were formed in 1957, when guitarist Lee Dresser, piano man Willie Craig, and drummer Fred Fletcher, three Moberly, Missouri high-schoolers, decided they wanted to rock ‘n’ roll just like Elvis, Jerry Lee, Fats, and all the rest of their favorites. Ike was president, the Mickey Mouse Club was on TV and everyone was trying out their new hula hoop. Everyone except the Krazy Kats that is, they were too busy rehearsing their rock ‘n’ roll music.

Now based in the Kansas City area, the talented trio has performed together over 4,000 times, thrilling audiences with their unique style of classic 50’s and 60’s music. They have appeared in concert with Bill Cosby, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, The Platters, and many others. They were voted “Best Band in Kansas City” in 1991, and inducted into the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame in 1999.

Every Krazy Kats show at the Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre and Events Center has sold out and sold out quickly. Order tickets online at or by calling the box office at 816-630-3333!