Massachusetts General Hospital Frontotemporal Disorders Unit marks 10th Anniversary

The Massachusetts General Hospital Frontotemporal Disorders (FTD) Unit launched the celebration of its 10th Anniversary Campaign with a gala event held at the Royal Sonesta in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on Oct. 20, 2017. The evening, named “A Night With the Arts for FTD,” featured a patient and caregiver-centered art show, live ballet performance, auctions and presentations from FTD Unit staff.

Care Beyond the Clinic

Frontotemporal degeneration is a progressive neurological disorder. Individuals with FTD may experience difficulties communicating and making decisions. They may also behave in socially inappropriate ways. In the end, FTD causes dementia and can make it impossible for the person to function independently, including being unable to speak, walk or swallow. Currently, there is no treatment to slow or stop the progression.

The Mass General FTD Unit is a clinical-research program committed to providing the highest level of care to our patients and families. In the past decade, its interdisciplinary team of clinicians has cared for more than 500 patients with frontotemporal degeneration and related disorders including behavioral variant FTD, primary progressive aphasia, atypical Alzheimer’s and ALS. Patient and caregiver-centered programming is not limited to the confines of the clinic space with community-based support groups, educational days and advocacy events as a keystone of the unit’s services.

The FTD Unit was cofounded in 2007 by speech language pathologist Daisy Hochberg and Brad Dickerson, MD, its director.

Seed Funding Through Philanthropy

“Our community events raise awareness, funds and hope that the cure of tomorrow is not so far from the care of today,” said Katie Brandt, director of Caregiver Support Services and emcee for the event.

The FTD Unit was cofounded in 2007 by speech language pathologist Daisy Hochberg and Brad Dickerson, MD, its director.   Dr. Dickerson noted the power of philanthropic dollars to provide seed funding for innovative research and programming that can establish early data and leverage larger grants and federal support for projects within the unit.

“As we celebrate our 10th year anniversary,” Dr. Dickerson said, “I look back and recognize that we are in the strongest position we have ever been in our fight against FTD and related conditions, and it is thanks to the resilience and support of our patient and family community.”


-Article courtesy Mass General Giving in Community Fundraising, Medical Research

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