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Paradise Playhouse Announces Krazy Kats Farewell Tour

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After over 4,000 performances, the Krazy Kats have decided it is time to bring down the curtain. The Krazy Kats 2014 Farewell Tour will be their last. On Saturday, April 26th, that tour will roll through the Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre and Events Center.

Krazy KatsThree young boys in the middle of Missouri barely in their teens and always in a hurry livin’ in the fifties without any goals. Then along came a thing called rock ‘n’ roll so they took the situation right in hand and got up a rockin’ little three-piece band. Time went by, but they’re still here, STILL ROCKIN’ AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!”

Is it the fifties and sixties all over again? It sure seems that way when the Krazy Kats are around! Their song “Still Rockin’ After All These Years” says it all! The Kats were formed in 1957, when guitarist Lee Dresser, piano man Willie Craig, and drummer Fred Fletcher, three Moberly, Missouri high-schoolers, decided they wanted to rock ‘n’ roll just like Elvis, Jerry Lee, Fats, and all the rest of their favorites. Ike was president, the Mickey Mouse Club was on TV and everyone was trying out their new hula hoop. Everyone except the Krazy Kats that is, they were too busy rehearsing their rock ‘n’ roll music.

Now based in the Kansas City area, the talented trio has performed together over 4,000 times, thrilling audiences with their unique style of classic 50’s and 60’s music. They have appeared in concert with Bill Cosby, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, The Platters, and many others. They were voted “Best Band in Kansas City” in 1991, and inducted into the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame in 1999.

Every Krazy Kats show at the Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre and Events Center has sold out and sold out quickly. Order tickets online at www.paradiseplayhouse.org or by calling the box office at 816-630-3333!

Golden Ox Announces Music Series

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The Golden Ox announced on Wednesday, February 26th that they are introducing a music series that will begin on Saturday, March 15th.   Although musical performances at the Golden Ox are not new, they have not taken place at the Golden Ox’s West Bottoms in decades.

The first group to perform will be One Last Bourbon & Friends.  The show will start at 8:00 p.m. and there is a $5 cover charge for admission.

There are a number of groups that are slated to perform over the next several months and updates on performers and show dates will be posted on the Golden Ox Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/goldenoxkc . This interested in following the March 15th event may log onto https://www.facebook.com/events/608368582589737/?source=3&source_newsfeed_story_type=regular for details and updates.

Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre and Events Center announces auditions for “Who’s Under Where?”

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Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre and Events Center just announced that they will be holding auditions for it’s next main stage production, “Who’s Under Where?”  The production will be directed by Kimi Laabs.

This will be the first time since it was opened in 1999 that Paradise will hold open auditions.

The auditions will be held on March 8th & 9th from 2-6pm in the Banyan Room of the Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre and Events Center located in Excelsior Springs, Missouri.  Those interested in auditioning should enter though the front door.  The auditions will consist of cold readings from the script and those auditioning have been advised that if they have a comedic monologue, bring it! No appointment necessary.

Those who may have conflicts with these audition times but would still like to be considered are requested to send resume and head shot to:

Andy Tyhurst
Artistic Director
Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre and Events Center
101 Spring Street
Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

 Unnecessary Farce runs weekends from May 16th through June 7th.

Paradise Entertainment names new Artistic/Entertainment Director

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Paradise Entertainment announced on Saturday, February 15th, that they have named a replacement for the previous Artistic/Entertainment Director, Roger Cress Hewitt, who stepped down from his position at the end of the Paradise production of Whose Wives Are They Anyway.

Hewitt, who had been with the theatre for nearly 13 years, resigned stating that he wished to help an area community theatre get back on their feet.  Paradise President and CEO Jim Dickerson stated “Cress was instrumental in getting the theatre reopened when we acquired it back in 2011.  We wish him the best of luck in all of his new endeavors.”

Prior to Hewitt’s departure, the theatre was set to announce that Andy Tyhurst would be joining Paradise as the Director of Special Productions. Paradise had been looking to become more involved in community outreach and provide a greater variety of entertainment options for patrons to enjoy. Paradise COO Maurice Oelklaus stated, “When the Artistic/Entertainment Director position became vacant, Andy expressed interest in the position. It was quite clear after several discussions with him that he was a perfect fit.

Andy TyhurstTyhurst comes to Paradise with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre and Cinema from Missouri Western University.  He brings a unique perspective to Paradise having done writing, acting and producing for both stage and screen.  He has appeared in such theatrical productions as “Annie”, “Romeo and Juliet” and “Laughter on the 23rd Floor” and if you look around town, you might just recognize his face in a television commercial or on a billboard.  Andy also served as the Sales and Box Office Manager for the Western Playhouse where in  the theatre’s inaugural season he was able to obtain over $10,000 in corporate sponsorships. This not only resulted in a successful opening season but it laid a foundation for future development which is still seen in the theatre’s success today.

For more information on Paradise Playhouse, visit www.paradiseplayhouse.org or visit them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/paradiseplayhouse .

Prime Business Group Welcomes Printing and Shipping Solutions!


Prime Business Group is proud to welcome Printing and Shipping Solutions to Prime Business Group.  Printing and Shipping Solutions is a one-stop business and printing center located right on US Hwy 69 in the Major Mall shopping center on the south side of Smithville, Missouri. Basic services include full and self-service copies (color and black and white), faxes, personal mail boxes (available for rent) and packing and shipping services. Printing and Shipping Solutions is an authorized UPS and FedEx shipment center.

PSS also offers a full spectrum of print services, both standard and large-format. Some of their products include banners (vinyl and mesh), cut vinyl (decals, vehicle signage, business signage, and much more), printed vinyl decals, signage, brochures, business cards, flyers, promotional products, screen printing, embroidery, blueprint printing and copying, custom rubber stamps and much more.

Need your printed piece designed? No worries! PSS has an in-house graphic designer capable of producing any piece of collateral you may need. Design services are quoted on a per-project basis.

Email PSS at info@printingandshippingkc.com or give them a call at 816-532-5010.

Excelsior Springs Airport NOT closing but moving forward

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As a follow up, Monday Night, February 4th at the Excelsior Springs City Council Meeting, the council unanimously passed a resolution with a 5-0 vote calling for improvements to the airport to address issues listed in the most recent MoDOT report.  Some of these improvements are already underway.  Earlier in the day, several council members met with MoDOT inspectors who took them through the issues step by step.  Following the vote, Mayor Buckman noted that this council has taken steps to improve the airport which have been ignored for years.  He further stated that he ran for the council in order to make Excelsior Springs a better city and he asked that all citizens and the council unite to work together to make that happen.

Fight to keep Excelsior Springs Airport open continues

In a letter to the Excelsior Springs Standard Newspaper, Sarah Dickerson outlined the progress of the fight to keep the Excelsior Springs Airport open:

As most of you know, Jim and I (Sarah) started, back in May of 2012, the process of leasing the Excelsior Springs Airport facilities with the idea that we would renovate the buildings, assist the city in seeking grant monies to resurface the runway, and return the airport to its former glory as a premier grassroots aviation field. Plans included an airport restaurant open to the public, on-site flight instruction, aircraft maintenance and a small lounge/snack bar. Our initial thoughts were to turn this airport into not only a nationwide fly-in destination attraction for pilots (with the Elms, Inn on Crescent Lake, golf course, theater, and downtown shopping nearby, it would be a significant weekend draw), but also a source of pride for the community with events such as hangar dances, antique airplane and car shows, fly-ins with Young Eagles rides (free flights for children under 17) and free movie nights during the summer. We pictured 3EX as a standard by which all other hobby airports would be measured, and not only a unique attraction drawing national attention to the city, but an economic boost as pilots spent money in town and at the field.

Our early efforts were met with great success; though the lease was still in process, we proceeded with assuming marketing responsibilities for fly-ins at the field. Our first effort, the BBQ Fly-In on the River, had 70 airplanes in attendance (did you know US Representative Sam Graves flew his T-6 Texan into the event?), over 550 meals served to pilots and locals alike, and nearly 100 kids took to the skies on Young Eagles flights. Those are 100 kids that will remember that day for a long time to come, when they look at their certificates and photographs supplied to them after the flight.

After we made numerous requests to present our plan to the City Council, we were finally allowed to present our proposal at a Council work session on August 31. At this session, just prior to our presentation, City Manager David Haugland told the Council that there were to be no questions asked regarding our proposal. How can a City Council make an informed decision without the ability to ask any questions about a proposal? It should be noted that City Councilman Chad Taylor ignored Haugland’s instructions and asked several trivial questions which were met with the comment from another City Council member, “Well, I guess you’ll get your name in the paper again”.

Our proposal eventually stalled at the city council’s hands in the fall, and after an outburst by Councilman Taylor at the October 15 council meeting, we withdrew our proposal immediately. We could not understand how a city could justify treating new business coming into town in such a reprehensible manner, and we were shocked at Taylor’s lack of professionalism and ethics. As we prepared to leave the podium, Councilman Eales asked if he could pose a question to us. City Attorney John McClelland said, “no questions.”  Pardon? Taylor had just been allowed to grill my husband with a barrage of questions varying from what he was doing on a particular date nearly a year ago, to questions about airline service at the airport (clearly demonstrating his lack of understanding of anything to do with the airport – Excelsior Springs is a general aviation airport, with no airline service, this has been made clear), and on and on – probably 8 to 10 equally ridiculous yet antagonistic questions in total. City Attorney McClelland made no attempt to stop him, which was interesting given his order that no questions be asked.

As we left, were asked by Mayor Ambrose Buckman if we would reconsider resubmitting our lease. We were told by a few involved with city government that we would be receiving a letter stating such from the city. Instead, we received a letter from city manager  Haugland that Friday, it simply said, “good luck with your theater.” (Another “in case you don’t know,” Jim and I own Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre in downtown Excelsior).

Through the holiday season and thus far this winter, the city manager told the Airport Board that they were “gathering information” for the council and that they planned to “ask the Dickersons back to negotiate a lease after the first of the year”. The Airport Board, at their January  meeting, voted to approve formation of an Antique Aircraft Association chapter at the airport to further help bring life back to the airport and add to the community via 2013 events and fly-ins. This national organization has already began promoting and publicizing this new chapter at the Excelsior Springs Airport, and now? Another black eye for the City of Excelsior Springs, because although Haugland was present, he said nothing about the fact that the city was planning on discussing and voting on whether to keep or close the airport.  Yes, you read that correctly… close the airport. I imagine this Letter to the Editor may be the first you’ve heard of it. Well, it was news to us as well. The citizens of Excelsior Springs were never informed that this was even under consideration. The city’s own Airport Board was not even informed. Yes, the Airport Board sat and voted on a new club at the airport in front of city officials that knew full well that closure was being discussed as an option, yet they said nothing.

How did the city council’s hidden discussions of closure leak out? Councilman Taylor spoke with another politician at an area dinner, who then in turn informed an Airport Board member that Taylor said that closure of the airport was, “in the bag” and that “he would not cater to hobby flyers.”  After digging further, another Airport Board member contacted Councilman Eales and Mayor Buckman, who both confirmed that the council had been discussing a vote to keep or close the airport. Any such discussion was never noted or mentioned in any meeting notice or meeting minutes, which is a clear violation of the Missouri Sunshine Law. Forgoing the Sunshine Law for a moment, why all the secrecy?

Further, a work session and city council meeting to discuss the airport’s future and vote on keeping versus closing the field, respectively, had both tentatively been set –  and no one said a word.  The Airport Board was not notified, and no one knew this was coming. We have now been told that for the work session, City Attorney McClelland has retained a liability consultant (a bill which would also most likely be passed along to taxpayers) to further his stance that the airport should be closed.  The council had to decide to hire this consultant. This is not noted in any meeting minutes or meeting notices/agendas. Also, clearly, someone who is paid to be a “consultant” is going to say whatever the person hiring them wants them to say – they’re getting paid. It was suggested that the council have the MoDOT inspector who conducted the inspection at the Excelsior airport attend a meeting to answer questions about discrepancies that needed to be addressed. She was the person who did the inspection, who better to clear up questions and confusion?  Instead, when it became known that she was positive about the ability to easily remedy these issues and the great potential for the airport, the city chose not to listen to her input. A contractor who conducts airport inspections for the FAA stated the following in a letter to the city and this paper, “I have reviewed the recent inspection report from your FAA Airport Master Record Inspection, the minor issues required to keep a safe and operable airport do not constitute a need for closure. The repairs needed to be safe and operable could probably be completed in less than a week with a small crew, or in a day for temporary signage to close the one taxiway.” So, why does the city attorney feel the need to spend a significant amount of money to hire this consultant? Further, not only have we attempted to explain the MoDOT inspection report to the city council, others have as well – others that have experience in aviation (Jim and I are both longtime pilots with advanced ratings, I’m a flight instructor, we’re both FAA Aviation Safety Counselors).  It is clear there is an agenda at play.

While we are at it, should we discuss the city attorney?  Excelsior Springs, your city attorney was fired in 2009 from the same position in Riverside, Missouri for doing some of the same things he is doing in your hometown. Holding meetings behind closed doors. Not allowing prospective businesses and developers to present to the city council. Not allowing city officials to ask questions during the proposal process. The long-delayed Horizons development project continued to flounder for years under his watch, and five developers including one of Kansas City’s largest, Block and Company, pulled their proposals and moved on.  Furthermore, Riverside encountered soaring legal fees under his tenure as city attorney. With 3,000 residents, their annual legal fees were approaching and exceeding cities 30–times their size. This Riverside information can be read in the Kansas City Business Journal via a simple Google search. Think that this nonsense was just limited to Riverside?  Apparently McClelland’s firm,  Armstrong Teasdale, recently submitted a $300,000 bill for the Vintage project right here in Excelsior.

So, Excelsior Springs, what in the world is going on in your hometown, with your city government? We started the airport project in hopes of revitalizing and restoring a valuable city asset. As many of you know, I grew up in Excelsior and have very strong ties to the city. My husband and I reopened the Paradise Playhouse, have been very active with the Downtown Excelsior Partnership (DEP)and have been involved in negotiations to bring more business to downtown. What started as a simple offer to help the city has led us and others to uncover a level of apparent corruption in city government that has stunned us as well as others as the level of dysfunction begins to unravel. It started with one city council member with no business sense who wanted to get his name in the paper, then led to an attorney billing hours upon unnecessary hours, which led to city officials conducting meetings behind closed doors, and on to city leaders not being forthright with their own city committees about goings-on in the council, and not disclosing information about upcoming meetings and decisions to hire “consultants” to support certain sides of city issues. The airport is just one project in a long list of similar projects that fall victim to countless delays at the cost of losing businesses, and needless spending of your tax dollars. What about the Vintage project?  Movie theater?  Community Center? Community Improvement District?  Hall of Waters renovations? The list goes on and on.

Excelsior Springs, your city needs significant, swift change –  and it needs it now.

For more on this story, see KSHB-41 and FOX 4 news coverage at:



Prime Business Group moves to help local airport

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Prime Business Group, in conjunction with Short Field Aviation, met with the Capital Improvements Board of the City of Excelsior Springs to present the proposed lease and plans for the facilities at 3EX. Following the presentation, the Capital Improvements Board moved unanimously to recommend that the City Council vote to adopt the lease between the City of Excelsior Springs and Short Field Aviation.  The City Council is still awaiting some additional requested information that they are gathering, and once that is together, the city should move forward with a City Council vote.

For more updated information regarding this project, visit www.thenew3ex.com or follow the new 3ex on Facebook.

Prime Business Group acquires Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre and Events Center

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On October 1, 2011, Prime Business Group officially acquired the Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre and Events Center.  Even though Paradise Playhouse is under new management, guests will be happy to see many of the familiar faces they have grown to get to know and love over the past several years.

The Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theater and Events Center has put together what they feel is one of their best seasons yet and they are pleased to open our eleventh season with a restaging of “Funny Money” , the first show ever performed at Paradise Playhouse.

The Prime Business Group is excited to bring the dinner theatre back to the Excelsior Springs area and is equally excited about making Paradise Playhouse an events center for the northland community.  In addition to the six theater productions, the Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre and Events Center plans to offer a number of “extra” events throughout the season.

For more information on the Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre and Events Center, call 816-630-3333, visit the Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre and Events Center on Facebook or go to the website at www.paradiseplayhouse.org.



455 Sam Barr Drive - Suite 209 - Kearney, Missouri 64060 www.primebusinesskc.com


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