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Tea Time!! – SOLD!!!

BBQ on the River Fly-In August 15th, 2015

BBQ fly-in 2015 poster

Flight Deck Expands!!

The Flight Deck has announced that they are expanding!  Due to the high demand and numerous requests from guests, the Flight Deck has decided to expand their bar, increase their smoked BBQ offerings and add a number of new entertainment concepts.

The new expanded bar is expected to be completed by Monday, June 15th.  The expanded bar area will allow customers to actually sit at the bar as opposed to only being able to sit at the high top bar tables in the bar area.  They are also adding more big screen televisions to enhance the viewing experience for those watching various sporting events.

Ribs The Flight Deck will also be expanding their BBQ offerings, including the addition of BBQ ribs thanks to the addition of a new and bigger smoker.  It is anticipated that the new custom designed smoker will be up and running at the same time the bar is completed.

JulieMajor3Finally, the expansion would not be complete without the addition of more entertainment options for guests.  More live music, poker nights and trivia nights are on tap.  For the trivia nights, The Flight Deck has teamed up with Geeks who Drink which is a very popular and highly rated trivia company.  Most so-called “trivia nights” consist of either an MP3J reading Trivial Pursuit cards in between bad music, or a bunch of people staring at TVs with buzzers in hand. Our quizzes burn through nearly 70 multimedia questions in two exciting hours. The quizmaster gets to know the players, and smack talk flying around in all directions is pretty much par for the course. In general, the quiz starts off easy and progresses in difficulty as the night goes on. Also, the quiz is set up to reward the most versatile teams. Most folks over 35 will be stumped on questions about the Xbox 360, while most folks under 35 know little about the Reagan years. And just about everyone is stumped when we throw in a round on country music. For more details you can also go to:http://www.geekswhodrink.com/pages/about/for-players .

For more information on the Flight Deck, visit www.flightdeckkc.com or visit them on Facebook or on Twitter.  #FlightDeckKC

Prime Business Group Expands Food Service Operations

Prime Business Group has announced that due to increasing demands, they are expanding their food service operations.  Since the development of the Flight Deck Restaurant in Gladstone, Missouri, the requests for catering and bar services has increased dramatically.  Additionally, Prime has been receiving an increasing number of requests from other restaurant and bar owners for help in improving their operations.   To meet the need, Prime Business Group has welcomed Restaurateur and Bar Specialist Chad Baber who will lead the expansion effort.

Baber1Chad comes to Prime Business Group with a 17-year career in the bar and restaurant industry which has incorporated a vast diversity of skill sets and achievements. Chad specializes in leadership development and the management of front-of-house and back-of-house restaurant and bar operations.  The professional traits that most define him are strategic thinking and tenacity which have enabled success after success.  Chad continuously evaluates and refines goals and achievements and stays in place until the results exceed expectations. His training expertise spans all aspects of hourly and management positions. Chad has been instrumental in developing user-friendly and customized training materials, operations manuals and management development programs that work within each client’s culture. Chad primary focus at Prime Business Group will be expanding the current food service operations and helping financially distressed food service operations make themselves profitable.

“We continue to ramp up and improve operations at the Flight Deck,” said Prime CEO Jim Dickerson.  “We are getting more and more requests from smaller group caterings to large corporate functions and everything in between and we must be able to meet the need of outside requests.”

LindenConcertThe Fight Deck has just concluded their catering services for the Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre and Events Center in Excelsior Springs but they are now preparing to handle the bar services for the Summer Friday Night Concert Series at Linden Square in Gladstone, Missouri.

For more information on the Flight Deck, visit www.flightdeckkc.com or visit them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/flightdeckkc.

PBG Announces Another Mission Accomplished!

Prime Business Group LLC is devoted to helping small business owners by providing effective business solutions to meet the needs of their small businesses. Prime Business Group (PBG) has helped many underperforming business organizations achieve profitability through improved operational and organizational efficiencies.

Paradise PlayhousePBG currently owns and operates Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre and Events Center, located in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. The Paradise Playhouse building is 11,500 square feet and consists of a 1,015 square foot stage, a 950 square foot meeting room, a fully equipped technical booth with computerized lights and soundboard, and a fully equipped state-of-the-art stainless steel kitchen. The theatre was constructed in 1999 by long time Excelsior Springs’ natives, Frank and Cathy Parrino. The Parrino’s successfully operated the theatre for 10 years until they retired.

After the building sat vacant for nearly three years, PBG met with leaders from the city of Excelsior Springs and the Downtown Excelsior Partnership to devise a plan that would reopen the theatre and revitalize the downtown Excelsior Springs area. Since its reopening, Paradise Playhouse has continued to thrive by offering quality entertainment and by bringing thousands of visitors to downtown Excelsior Springs each year. Paradise Playhouse is now often referred to as the premier events center in the Northland.

At its quarterly meeting on February 10, 2015, the PBG Board of Directors met to review its subsidiary company, Paradise Playhouse. The Board of Directors concluded that the redevelopment and revitalization of Paradise Playhouse has been successfully completed. It unanimously voted to explore new ownership for the theatre and to place the building and operation up for sale.

“Excelsior Springs and the Downtown area have such great potential and are poised for future development and growth. We are thrilled to have played a role in the initial revitalization of Paradise Playhouse and the downtown Excelsior Springs area,” said PBG President and CEO Jim Dickerson.  “We intend to work closely with the city of Excelsior Springs and the Downtown Excelsior Partnership to insure that this great venue can continue to grow with the city and the downtown development.”

PBG has stated that the sale of the operation will in no way affect current season tickets holders, or groups with events already booked at the venue.  Paradise Playhouse will continue its successful operations and the pending sale will not be noticeable to the general public.

Flight Deck Takes Flight

The Flight Deck has officially taken flight and is now open.  The Flight Deck is located in Prospect Plaza in Gladstone, Missouri and had previously been operating as a family-friendly Italian restaurant.

FDCollageThe new concept has been designed to cater to a much wider variety of people with an expanded menu which will features items which were currently served at the former restaurant such as pizza, but it also features a variety of burgers, wraps, and BBQ, just to name a few.

The new concept is an aviation based theme where guests enjoy a fun aviation atmosphere served up from aviation based ground and cabin crews.  The restaurant also features “kids eat free” nights for those families with smaller children as well as aviation games and giveaways.

For continuous updates on the Flight Deck, follow the Flight Deck on Facebook or visit the website at www.flightdeckkc.com.

Arcobasso’s Announces Name and Concept Change

Prime Business Group has announced that Arcobasso’s Restaurant, which is located in Gladstone, Missouri, will undergo a concept and name change on January 6, 2015.

Arcobasso’s is located in Prospect Plaza in Gladstone, Missouri and has been operating as a family-friendly Italian restaurant. Their dishes use fresh ingredients prepared in-house daily and the pizzas are a mixture of mozzarella and parmesan made with the same dough recipe since 1972. Each pizza is made with homemade sauce, fresh ingredients and baked in a stone oven as guests order.

The new concept has been designed to cater to a much wider variety of people with an expanded menu which will continue to feature items which are currently served at the restaurant such as pizza, but it will add other customer requests such as a variety of burgers, wraps, and BBQ, just to name a few.

FlightdecklogoThe new concept will be an aviation based theme and the name of the restaurant will become the Flight Deck. Guests will enjoy a fun aviation atmosphere served up from aviation based ground and cabin crews. Don’t worry, the food is much better than airline food and there is more entertainment for families and kids. The restaurant will also feature “kids eat free” nights for those families with smaller children as well as aviation games and giveaways.

For the adults, there is the “Captain’s Club” which features a number of benefits which include priority seating, discounts on items at the restaurant as well as other area activities and other little private perks.

For those wishing to follow the progress of the new concept, continue to follow the Arcobasso’s Facebook page which will automatically change over with the concept and the Arcobasso’s website at http://www.arcobassosrestaurant.com, which will also automatically change with the new concept.

102.7 KPGZ The Hog Back on the Air

TheHogAfter months of delays and setbacks, KPGZ, 102.7 The Hog is back on the air.  The station was set to go live in June and was on the air for several weeks before transmitter problems forced the live broadcast off the air.  After several delays in getting a replacement transmitter and moving the station tower location for better coverage, the station returned to the air on Saturday, November 22.

On May 1, 2014, Prime Business Group announced that they had entered into an underwriting agreement with the radio station 102.7, “The Hog”. This agreement provided funding for the station which was needed to get the station on the FM dial.

Ron and Sylvia Warner founded the northland radio station and have waited since last summer to see their radio station get on the air.  It’s been an interesting road for the Warners. They began broadcasting over the Internet last summer and gained something of a following on their website, 1027thehog.com. In addition, they’ve been able to expand their format of ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s classic rock by adding some local talent to take various time slots with more specialized playlists.

Ron Warner said originally, the station was going to carry the call letters KKES, but when it came time to apply for a broadcast license he learned that there was a Coast Guard vessel using those call letters . As a result, the station now bears the call letters KPGZ—K-Pigs, as Warner pronounced it.

The radio station prides itself on offering local programming, but that’s only part of the Warners’ mission. The Hog, according to their website, is actually the broadcasting arm of the not-for-profit Corporation for Educational Opportunities for Northeast Clay County Inc. The station assists early childhood education and teen mentoring programs, helping offer transportation to and from school and offering support for schools and teachers. Their revenue once they begin broadcasting with their FM signal will be used to assist and promote those local educational programs.

To listen or to learn more about the station and how you can help and/or participate, visit 1027thehog.com.

PSS Offers Tips on Keeping Your Print Project on Track

System ErrorPrinting and Shipping Solutions realizes that print projects and other marketing are crucial to the success of any business.  have offered these tips to make sure your project stays on target.

Printing and Shipping Solutions Print and Production Manager Sarah Dickerson offers these tips:

We always strive to provide a quick turnaround for our customers. There are a number of things that you can do, as the customer, to keep your job from being delayed; these are a few of the issues I’ve dealt with in recent weeks in pre-production.

1. Timely approval of proofs. The turn time on your job does not start until we receive approval back from you. We will give you an anticipated timeframe in which you can expect to receive your proof; please keep checking your email during this time and get back to us with either approval or any needed changes as soon as possible.

2. Print-ready files that are truly print-ready. If you are doing the layout or design on your job, please do us a favor and download my guide to preparing your file for print here. I recommend HIGHLY against sending Word documents; there are simply too many versions floating around and your project may end up with a formatting issue. A good alternative is to submit your document as a PDF. If you are working in a graphics program such as Illustrator or Photoshop, PLEASE (and I can’t stress this enough), outline your fonts. If you are using InDesign, package your file so the fonts are included. We have a lot of different fonts here, but if we don’t have yours, your file will default to a system font and will not look as you intended it to look. And finally, if you need a project printed at a certain size, please save it as that size! I’ve spent a lot of time recently resizing customer files, trying to locate fonts, and dealing with other pre-press issues that take a lot of time. Not only do we have to charge a setup fee when your job isn’t set up correctly, since we’re spending our time adapting it, it also eats up a LOT of time. If the file were to arrive ready to go, we probably would have already had it printed. This is perhaps the number one issue that we have to adjust deadlines backwards from what we originally told the client; opening the file and finding nasty surprises.

We have set turn times for all projects that are detailed on our job ticket, downloadable here. Keep in mind that these turn times are based on either a) jobs that we are laying out in our shop, or b) jobs that are sent truly print ready. If we have to make a lot of adjustments to customer files, these turn times can and do extend especially during times of high workload. Ensuring that your file is truly ready to go when you send it will ensure that we can turn your job quickly, which is of course what we all want!

For more information on Printing and Shipping Solutions, visit their website at www.printingandshippingkc.com or call 816-532-5010.


PBG Announces Expansion Heading Into 2015

PBGcoverOn Friday, October 24, Prime Business Group announced plans to expand their operations and add new services heading into 2015.

First on the table are plans to expand the Prime Business Group restaurant operations into the northland area. “For some time now, we have been looking at ways to allow our food service operations to better support each other”, said PBG CEO Jim Dickerson. He went on to say that PBG is currently considering options in Excelsior Springs, Gladstone, Liberty and Smithville.

Dickerson further explained the desire for all of the PBG food service operations to more closely mirror each other so as to allow for more efficient utilization of staff, supplies and equipment.   “We are actually trying to follow a business model used by Southwest Airlines,” Dickerson said. Southwest Airlines utilizes a concept which entails flying only Boeing 737 aircraft which increases efficiency and decreases costs by having to train personnel and utilize supplies and equipment for only one type of aircraft. This is unlike many other airlines who operate several different types of aircraft which necessitates more personnel to be trained as well as increasing the need for more equipment and supplies used to service and maintain the different types of aircraft.

PBG also announced plans to offer accounting services to small businesses beginning in 2015. PBG Vice President of Accounting and Finance William Teel will develop and lead this part of the operation.   “There are so many small businesses out there that have a great business operation, but they really don’t know what their true financial situation is and how they may be able to become more efficient and profitable,” said Teel. “Sometimes the accounting can be put on the back burner but it is really such a crucial element to the success of any business operation.”

More information about Prime Business Group go to www.primebusinesskc.com.



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