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Official Clay County Election Results Published

Following the August 4th primary, which was marred by problems with tabulation machines which malfunctioned in some precincts around the county, the Clay County Board of Election Commissioners released official primary election results on August 7th following a ballot recount.

Jon Carpenter, Democratic candidate for Western Commissioner, observed dependencies in Tuesday’s election returns where he received zero votes in several precincts. He then contacted the Election Board Wednesday morning and as a result, a recount of all ballots was initiated on Thursday, August 6th.

Following the recount, the official primary election nominees for Clay County offices were released:

Eastern Commissioner:

  • Megan Thompson – R

  • Dustin Bell – D

Western Commissioner:

  • Lydia McEvoy – R

  • Jon Carpenter – D

Clay County Sheriff:

  • Will Akin – R

  • Wick Pickard – D

County Assessor:

  • Tracy Baldwin – R

  • Bruce Cantwell – D

County Treasurer:

  • Bob Nance – R

Public Administrator:

  • Sarah Mills Rottgers – R

  • Jeremy Eden – D

Clay County Election Results in Question

The results of the August 4th Clay County primary election are now in serious question due to errors spotted by Jon Carpenter, Democratic candidate for Western Commissioner. Carpenter noticed potential errors when the detailed review published by the Clay County Board of Election Commissioners showed that he received zero votes in certain precincts.

The Election Commissioners review shows that Carpenter’s opponent, Cathy Rinehart, received 100% of the votes in the majority of reporting precincts. When Carpenter called the Election Commissioners office, they acknowledged that errors had occurred in multiple races.

“When they [Election Commissioners] released the precinct by precinct results, and over half of the precincts had me getting zero votes, and my opponent getting 100% of the votes, we knew that was incorrect,” said Carpenter. “It’s been brought to their attention and at this point, my understanding is that that maybe there was some problem with software with the voting machines.”

“We are aware there was a problem during our verification process,” stated Patti Lamb of the Board of Election Commissioners. “We discovered these discrepancies in our unofficial election results.” Lamb believes that there was a programming error in the tabulators that affected some of the races. The vendor used by the Board of Election Commissioners is still investigating the cause of the error.

The vendor Lamb is referring to is Adkins Printing. The Board, along with Adkins Printing, will be conducting a recount at 1:00pm on Thursday, August 6th . “All election results now are unofficial until we have completed our verification process,” stated Lamb.

Carpenter is hopeful that the people of Clay County will have accurate numbers after the recount tomorrow.

Lamb stated the Clay County Board of Election Commissioners will release official results after the verification process has been concluded, which is projected to be next week.

Constitution Committee Appointees Named

Clay County citizens went to the polls on June 2nd, 2020, and voted in favor of the creation of a commission to frame a county constitution to be submitted to the voters of Clay County. Clay County residents who wanted to be considered for appointment to the commission submitted applications for selection by the 7th Judicial Court in Clay County.

Circuit court judges of Clay County were required to appoint the commission within sixty (60) days of the certification of election results.

On July 15th, the judges selected individuals appointed to be appointed to the Clay County Constitutional Charter Commission and the names of those chosen were released today.

The commission is comprised of seven Republican and seven Democrat citizens:


  • Jerry Bryant
  • D. Scott Connor
  • Kirk L. Davis
  • Kenneth M. Honeck
  • Jennifer Langston-Justus
  • Craig Porter
  • Angela Williams


  • Wendi Bridges
  • Greg Canuteson
  • Sherry C. Duffet
  • Chris Gahagan
  • Kevin A. Graham
  • Kenneth L. Jamison
  • Gary Markenson

Under Missouri statutes, the commission consists of fourteen people who are residents of the county and are equally divided between the two major political parties. The commissioners serve without pay during the one (1) year period allowed by statute for the commission to frame a county constitution which will be submitted to the voters.